Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are one of the most common treatments performed in medical aesthetics clinics but with so many products on the market, choosing which ones to use can be difficult. It goes without saying that safety should be the top priority but there are many other factors to be considered including efficacy, tissue integration, natural looking results, longevity, ease of use, ease of ordering, brand support and cost.

KYSENSE® is the latest innovation in dermal filler technology with many of the world’s top clinics now making it their ‘go-to’ product for facial rejuvenation and contouring. So, what is KYSENSE® and why should you use it in your clinic?


KYSENSE® has been developed by scientists in collaboration with doctors with decades of experience in the HA dermal filler market and who contribute to peer reviewed publications in HA dermal filler technology and in facial aesthetics.

1. Innovative advanced technology

KYSENSE® is an innovative Hyaluronic Acid (HA) dermal filler made by Kylane, a Swiss company with extensive experience and a profound understanding of HA, with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Casablanca, Morocco. It has been developed by the scientific team behind the global market leading fillers.

• Unique Selling point – Innovation from the worlds leading experts in HA filler design and manufacture

2. High quality raw materials and a patented manufacturing process

KYSENSE® is manufactured using pharmaceutical grade raw hyaluronic acid. Pharmaceutical grade HA offers tighter parameters on quality and molecular weight so we can ensure only the highest quality raw ingredient is used. HA Protect our patented, innovative technology involves the extraction of destructive oxygen species during the manufacturing process, including during the crosslinking step. This significantly preserves the intrinsic properties of the long chain, high molecular weight hyaluronic acid chains and thereby improving suppleness, injection precision and projection capacity and slows down degradation of HA in the tissue.

• Unique selling point – Better quality raw material than most HA fillers on the market coupled with a patented manufacturing process that removes all destructive oxygen species from the finished product leading to advantageous rheological properties.

3. Clinical safety

KYSENSE® is CE marked under the Medical Devices Regulation by notifying body 2797 BSI Group (Netherlands). In the rigorous pre-clinical studies and the CE study involving 50 patients, 5 injectors and 1 independent assessor revealed no hypersensitivity, skin irritation, cytotoxicity, genotoxicity, tissue reaction, delayed sensitisation, or any other serious adverse events at 12 months after the first injection (March 2018). The study has been monitored by the French CRO since then with no delayed onset issues reported.

• Unique Selling point – CE marked by BSI, Safety assured, no delayed onset issues reported since the first injections 4 and a half years ago

4. Low degree of modification

The scientific research team behind KYSENSE® have previously developed many market leading products and as such, have a wealth of experience in the development and advancement of HA dermal fillers. KYSENSE® benefits hugely from this experience and the advanced technology (HA Protect) preserves the long HA chains during the cross-linking process by removing the destructive oxygen. This process means there is less BDDE used, an almost undetectable level, leading to a very low degree of modification (the amount of cross-linking chemical in relation to the amount of HA chains). Ultimately this leads to the supple and high projecting properties of KYSENSE® and respects all four of the rheological parameters that make up a great filler product.

• Unique selling points – reduced BDDE leads to a softer, smoother and more supple product with better tissue integration meaning a more natural look and feel. HA protect improves the rheological properties reducing the risk of migration in the tissue. Overall great properties of a premium filler product.

5. High volumising power

KYSENSE® has unique rheological properties which offer high volumising power with minimum risk of migration. The key rheological parameters which optimise aesthetic outcomes, safety and patient satisfaction are:

  • Viscosity
  • Normal force of Compression (Static)
  • Shear stress
  • Compression test in dynamic mode.
    Published studies have shown that KYSENSE® Extreme exhibits 34% more projection height than the global market leading volumising product and 17% more than another leading volumising filler. The study also concluded that 24% LESS volume of KYSENSE® Extreme was required to achieve the same result over a 12-month period (split face study).
    It is this unique volumising power which gives KYSENSE® the unique ‘less is more’ quality. Over the 4 products in the KYSENSE® range, 20-30% less product is needed. The key is to treat to result (not to volume). It really is about the skill not the mL. (Gavard Molliard et al 2018; Bon Betemps et al 2018; CE study)
  • Unique selling points – 34% more projection height over one of the worlds leading volumizing HA fillers. On average 20-30% less KYSENSE® is needed to achieve the same results as other leading HA fillers.
  • KYSENSE® Extreme is a highly volumising filler that integrates into the tissue well.

6. Ease of use
KYSENSE® is delivered via a lightweight, polymer syringe with integrated luer lock, combined with a comfortable finger grip and plunger rod. The TSK HPC needles provided in the KYSENSE® box have a 60% bigger inner diameter, this allows the best possible flow rate for a smoother extrusion force and more controlled injection. Needles are thin and ultra-sharp, These TSK needles are clinically proven to demonstrate the lowest traumatic effect for the patient.
The hard polymer HPC advanced hub improves flow rates and allows for a tighter luer lock connection due to built-in exterior threading. No flexing, no needle pop off. ( Studies have demonstrated that the extrusion force for KYSENSE® products is comfortable and optimal to ensure injector comfort but also to limit speed of injection, in order to minimise extracellular dilaceration and bruising and to maximise injection precision.
The injectors who took part in the clinical study, using the entire KYSENSE® range were ‘very satisfied’ or ‘satisfied’ for 100% of the injections they performed with KYSENSE®.

  • Unique selling points – Ultra sharp needle, perfectly engineered extrusion force, no dilaceration of the tissue leading to no inflammation of the tissue makes for a more comfortable injection experience for the client mitigating the need for lidocaine.
  • Ergonomic syringe and plunger, comfortable extrusion force means it is comfortable to inject and a 100% satisfaction rate from the injectors involved in the clinical trials.

7. Patient and practitioner satisfaction
During the KYSENSE® clinical study 50 patients were injected with KYSENSE® with a total of 110 injected areas being treated. The study’s independent assessor observed an aesthetic improvement in 95% of injected sites one month after treatment. Six and twelve months after injection 93% and 81% respectively still showed an improvement. The patients reported improvement in 97% of injection sites one month after treatment and 94% and 90% respectively after six months and twelve months. This high patient satisfaction leads to repeat bookings and recommendations. Furthermore, KYSENSE® performed very highly on longevity with all the products in the range lasting to 12 months.

Longevity of product allows the practitioner to treat more areas of the face over time and work with their patients’ budget. Better long-term aesthetic outcomes

8. Versatile range

There are 4 formulations in the KYSENSE® range to treat a wide range of indications.

  • KYSENSE® Extreme – for facial sculpting, contouring and shaping (cheeks,
    jawline and chin)
  • KYSENSE® Volume – for facial volumising (temples, cheeks and sub malar
  • KYSENSE® Define – for facial dynamic expression (lips, marionette lines and
    nasolabial folds)
  • KYSENSE® Precise – for skin finishing (perioral lines and superficial wrinkles)
  • Unique Selling points – Versatile range to treat the whole face no other brands of filler needed
  • Less products needed so less stock needed in clinic, less cash flow tied up compared to brands that have larger selection of SKU’s.

KYSENSE® is only available to purchase by qualified and trained medical professionals.