DMAE Ascorbate

DMAE Ascorbate was specially de- signed to eliminate skin ptosis.

The synergistic action of DMAE and vitamin C is aimed at tightening and lifting the skin, preventing loss of skin tone. The drug activates cellular metabolism, promotes skin cell renewal and improves com- plexion. Increases skin elasticity, its tone, appear- ance.

DMAE Ascorbate is also effective in the fight against acne due to its anti-inflammatory and hypo sensitizing action – inhibition of inflamma- tory interleukins. There is a rapid elimination of acne symptoms, the process of inflammation itself is inhibited. Due to the vascular action of DMAE, a detoxifying and draining effect is pro- vided.


Lifting after the use of lipolytic product, such as Mesoslim to fight skin sagging.

Areas of application:

Face and body.


  • DMAE is a natural ingredient that directly affects the lifting and tone of the skin. It affects the syn- thesis, activity and implementation of the full ac- tion of fibroblasts and neofibroblasts, promotes the elimination of old fibroblasts (fibroclasts).Lim- its the cross-linking of proteins such as collagen and elastin. It has an anti inflammatory, antioxi- dant effect due to stabilization and strengthening of cell membranes.
  • Vitamin C is necessary to reduce the toxic effect of DMAE on collagen synthesis. The antioxidant action of Vitamin C stabilizes cell membranes and repairs damage done to collagen. Vitamin C also brightens, improves elasticity, tone, and ap- pearance of the skin.