The ultimate whitening meso cocktail.

MesoWhite whitening antioxidant meso cocktail is specially designed to eliminate various kinds of pigmen- tation, to quickly restore the skin after solar insolation, to give it a radiant effect. It pro- duces a pronounced whitening effect on the skin, has an antioxidant and rejuvenating effect.


• Hyperpigmentatie van verschillende etiologieën

• Melasma

• Chloasma

• Dark spots

• For the treatment of post-acne

• To improve the condition of oily skin, narrowing the pores

Areas of application:

Face, neck, neckline, hands, as well as any other area of the body where skin lightening is needed.


  • Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) provides biostimula- tion of fibroblasts and performs as free radicals scavenger.
  • Glutathione inactivates sinase, stimulates the conversion of dopaquinone to pheomelanin, modulates the depigmentation ability of melano cytotoxic agents.
  • Alpha Arbutin provides skin lightening and de- pigmentation, inhibits the tyrosinase activity and melanosome maturation.
  • Licorice extract (Gliabridin) improves hyper pig- mentation by dispersing melanin and inhibiting melanin production.
  • Glycolic acid enhances the penetration of the other ingredients.
  • Azelaic acid influences the mechanism of abnor- mal and hyperactive melanocytes.
  • Kojic acid inhibits the activity of tyrosinase, an es- sential enzyme in the synthesis of melanin; Acts also as free radicals scavenger.