Premium Meso Neutralizer Solution

Sodium bicarbonate – Neutralizes acidity.

Glycerol – Brings smoothness and emoliency to the agressed skin.

Faster neutralization of chemical peels than using the cold water.

Can be used with all Premium Meso chemical peelings.

Step 1

After 3 to 7 minutes the peeling should be actively neutralized using cold water.

AHA peelings and salicylic acid peeling must be neutralised as soon as slight erythema occurs.

TCA peeling must be neutralized as soon as frosting takes            place by using cold water shortly or Premium Meso neutraliser. Frosting will appear within 60 to 90 seconds!

Neutraliser solution can be used for faster neutralising of chemical peels.

Thoroughly rinse the skin.

Apply a facial Toner.

Step 2

To cool the skin even more you can use a cooling mask.

After the cooling mask apply a  whitening cream for prevention of pigment changes.

Then a specific moistering cream.

A total sunblocker provides optimal protection against the sun.